Monday, 2 July 2012

Editorial illustrations for ANNO Magazine

A few weeks ago I was asked to do two editorial illustrations for ANNO Magazine (Norway). They were for the story ‘Kjerringbrunsj’, about a group of old women discussing lies. In the story one of the women admits to have lied when she gave one of the other women a compliment about her pearl necklace. The illustrations are quite different from what I usually do, even though they are still collages, but it was important for me to convey the quirkiness of the characters in the story. ANNO Magazine comes out once a year, and this year’s theme was ‘Truths & lies’ (June 2012).  


These collages are from a project where I decided to limit myself to only use scrap bits of paper that I already had, instead of going out and finding new materials to work with. Sometimes interesting things can be made from materials that have been overlooked or discarded during other projects.