Wednesday, 31 August 2011

New work for Aspex Art Fair

I made some new work for the Art Fair that I will be doing at the Aspex Gallery in Portsmouth this weekend. Below are pictures of the two new prints I will be selling, as well as the framed originals.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Aspex Art Fair

I am happy to say that I have been selected to participate in an Art Fair which will be held at the Aspex Gallery in Portsmouth on the weekend of the 3rd and 4th of September (11 pm - 4 am). I am very excited to meet the other artists and anyone who comes along to have a look-see. I am sure there will be some great work for sale, after having looked at some of the other participating artists' websites last night.  I'm extra excited to be doing an Art Fair alongside one of my best friends: the talented illustrator Laura Wolfram, who was also invited to partake in the Art fair. 

Run by a group of volunteers, this is the very first affordable Art Fair to be held by Aspex and it will give artists from Portsmouth and the South East region the chance to show and sell their work at the gallery. Among the 18 selected artists there are recent university graduates plus emerging and more established artists - which will be reflected in the variety of art and the wide range of prices. The work on sale will range from £5 to £500 so there will be something to suit everyone. 

The volunteers organising the Art Fair are all arts graduates who are currently working at the gallery. Organising the event has been part of their placement and they have worked together on all the arrangements from finding and selecting the artists through to setting up the venue. They will also be on hand to host the event.
The Art Fair will be admission free and visitors will have the chance to meet the artists who will be present to discuss and sell their work. Some of the work will also be displayed at the Lighthouse - a newly opened building just opposite Aspex. 

Participating artists, besides me: Adrain Mundy, Alex Ings, Anne Shaw, Ashley John, Caroline Hall, James Weaver, Jenny Lee, Jessica Foyle, Jodie Silsby, Kingsley Nebechi, Laura Wolfram, Melanie Rose, Nikki McBride, Roo Abrook, Simon Whitcomb, and Tristan Savage.

Take a look at the Aspex Art Fair blog to find out more about the other participating artists and their works.

Aspex volunteers: Christiane Hofmann, Elizabeth Nicholls, Jo Willoughby, Lisa White and Maxine Dennis.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

New work space and large scale collage piece

As some of you may know I have just recently moved down to Brighton. Therefore I thought I'd show you my new work space, as well as a large collage piece I made during the first week in my new apartment. I got so inspired one evening when I was walking home and saw some really amazing street art, and I had a strong urge to create something myself.

It's a much bigger format than what I usually work with, but I found that I quite enjoyed working on a bigger scale. It gives you the freedom to experiment, and you stop worrying about tiny, insignificant details.


I thought the Pop Up Design Shop and Gallery looked pretty good when it was all set up, and there was a great variation of things to see and buy: photographs, fine art and collage pieces, postcards, ceramics, furniture, bags, cushions, rugs, jewelry, light boxes, lampshades, bikes... all under the same roof! I met some great people during set up, which I hope to stay in contact with, and I also hope that we can all get together and do it again some time. This was just the start in my opinion. I would like to thank Graham and Suzie Brown for all the effort they put into making it happen. Also, a big thank you to Kat for minding the gallery. Here are some pictures from the event:

Winchester Pop Up Gallery and Design Shop set up

After the Degree Show I received a phone call about whether I would like to be a part of a pop up gallery and design shop that was going to be held in the Brooks centre in Winchester in a few weeks time. The gallery and shop were going to be set up in two vacant shop spaces on the second floor of the shopping centre during Winchester Fashion Week. I thought it sounded like a great idea so I met up with Graham and Suzie Brown to show them more of my work, and to decide what to display and sell in the gallery. Me and Kat (who also had some of her photographic work in the gallery) helped set up the shop and gallery, and ended up completely covered in paint every day! Our work tasks were painting custom cut wooden shapes that were going to be used as table tops, as well as painting walls and MDF boards white. Here are some pictures from the process: