Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Zeene IV: Dogs

So this evening I have decided to have a major catch up session and blog about all the things that I didn't have time to whilst still at University. Now that I have graduated I actually have time to sit down and post some pictures on here. My first post is about a zine that I contributed to a good few months ago: Zeene IV: Dogs. The guys at Zeene asked if anyone would like to draw some dogs for their next zine on twitter, and I replied that I would be up for the task. I believe they asked Kanye West as well, but he didn't want to draw any dogs unfortunately. I wonder how much the price of the zine would have gone up if he had actually drawn a dog for it... Anyway, the guys were really sweet and sent me the 3 back issues of Zeene, as well as a few of the issue which I had contributed to, in the post. Here are some pictures of it:

If you would like to buy the zine, or any of the back issues of Zeene you can visit the online shop here. They are only £1.50 each.

A question sheet, which I filled out a few weeks later was also featured on the Zeene blog, which you can find here. There are also question sheets filled out by the great Alex Zamora (Fever Zine) and the guys from Zineswap on there!

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