Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Aspex Art Fair

I am happy to say that I have been selected to participate in an Art Fair which will be held at the Aspex Gallery in Portsmouth on the weekend of the 3rd and 4th of September (11 pm - 4 am). I am very excited to meet the other artists and anyone who comes along to have a look-see. I am sure there will be some great work for sale, after having looked at some of the other participating artists' websites last night.  I'm extra excited to be doing an Art Fair alongside one of my best friends: the talented illustrator Laura Wolfram, who was also invited to partake in the Art fair. 

Run by a group of volunteers, this is the very first affordable Art Fair to be held by Aspex and it will give artists from Portsmouth and the South East region the chance to show and sell their work at the gallery. Among the 18 selected artists there are recent university graduates plus emerging and more established artists - which will be reflected in the variety of art and the wide range of prices. The work on sale will range from £5 to £500 so there will be something to suit everyone. 

The volunteers organising the Art Fair are all arts graduates who are currently working at the gallery. Organising the event has been part of their placement and they have worked together on all the arrangements from finding and selecting the artists through to setting up the venue. They will also be on hand to host the event.
The Art Fair will be admission free and visitors will have the chance to meet the artists who will be present to discuss and sell their work. Some of the work will also be displayed at the Lighthouse - a newly opened building just opposite Aspex. 

Participating artists, besides me: Adrain Mundy, Alex Ings, Anne Shaw, Ashley John, Caroline Hall, James Weaver, Jenny Lee, Jessica Foyle, Jodie Silsby, Kingsley Nebechi, Laura Wolfram, Melanie Rose, Nikki McBride, Roo Abrook, Simon Whitcomb, and Tristan Savage.

Take a look at the Aspex Art Fair blog to find out more about the other participating artists and their works.

Aspex volunteers: Christiane Hofmann, Elizabeth Nicholls, Jo Willoughby, Lisa White and Maxine Dennis.

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