Sunday, 14 October 2012

International Weird Collage Show - Lima, Peru

As part of the International Weird Collage Show some of my work will be featured in tis upcoming exhibition in Lima, Peru. I feel extremelt excited and honoured to be showing some of my work alongside so many talented collage artists who I look up to. Go take a look if you are in the area, I think it is going to be a great show!

Monday, 2 July 2012

Editorial illustrations for ANNO Magazine

A few weeks ago I was asked to do two editorial illustrations for ANNO Magazine (Norway). They were for the story ‘Kjerringbrunsj’, about a group of old women discussing lies. In the story one of the women admits to have lied when she gave one of the other women a compliment about her pearl necklace. The illustrations are quite different from what I usually do, even though they are still collages, but it was important for me to convey the quirkiness of the characters in the story. ANNO Magazine comes out once a year, and this year’s theme was ‘Truths & lies’ (June 2012).  


These collages are from a project where I decided to limit myself to only use scrap bits of paper that I already had, instead of going out and finding new materials to work with. Sometimes interesting things can be made from materials that have been overlooked or discarded during other projects.


Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Organ babes

I've been working on a few small collages for the upcoming show back home, and I made these organ babes yesterday.

Kollasj - A Collage Exhibition at Galleri Mollerin

My best friend, Pia Haukali, and I both happen to be collage artists, so we thought it would be great to put on a little collage exhibition this summer to show people some of our work. Its going to be held at Galleri Mollerin back home in Stavanger (Norway), so if you happen to be in the area (I know its very unlikely for all you British folk), you are more than welcome to come and have a look! The opening night is 15th June (doors open at 7.30pm) and there will be free wine for everyone, yay! The work will hang from 15th - 30th June. All the other details you might need are on the poster, which was made by Pia. 


'Shame' project and Apple Juice interview

Lately I've been working on a new series called 'Shame'. Apple Juice Online Magazine were kind enough to interview me about this new project, so if you would like to read more in depth about the work I would suggest that you click here.  I would also like to say thank you to Natalie Lloyd for taking an interest in my work, it means a lot to me when people do. 

You can view the entire 'Shame' series on my website