Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Bizarre Magazine's Readers' Art Exhibition

I wrote this blog post ages ago, but thought I'd wait until the feature had been printed in the magazine before I posted it. The magazine came out yesterday, so here's my blog post:

A while back I decided to enter Bizarre Magazine's Readers Art Competition. After emailing them my entry I actually completely forgot about the whole thing, until I received an email just before Christmas informing me that I had been chosen as one of the finalists. It really made my day! In the email it also said that the 20 finalists would have their work exhibited in a gallery in London some time in the new year.

When the day finally arrived (4th of February) Josh and I caught a train to London to go to the Last Tuesday Society where the exhibition was going to be held. I was allowed to bring 4 guests, so I invited my sister and her boyfriend along too. It turned out to be a really great evening! Auntie Den from Bizarre Magazine came over and had a chat with me about my selected piece and about my work in general, and she was really lovely. I got a bit nervous when she showed me the tape recorder she was holding, but hopefully I didn't say anything too stupid. A photographer from the magazine came round and took pictures of all the finalists in front of their art work, and for some reason I got so nervous and shy about it. I probably should of had a few G&T's to calm my nerves (they were serving it in cute little tea cups!), but oh well!

There were a lot of really interesting pieces of work from the other finalists, as well as all of the weird and wonderful things that are usually on display there such as taxidermy, creepy porcelain dolls, animal skulls and a lot of pretty random outsider art. There was also a box full of Russell Brand's pubes, and a pot of Rusell Crowe's piss (apparently anyway). Nice.

I took a few photos on the night, but you'll have to excuse the poor quality as most of them were shot in very dim light and through glass cabinets!

I would really recommend visiting the Last Tuesday Society if you are into all sorts of weird little things! It really is a magical little chamber of unusual treasures. I would also like to thank Bizarre Magazine for selecting me as one of the finalists, and for putting on such a great little show for us.

Josh and I + his G&T in a tea cup!

Russell Brand's pubes apparently 

I wanted these!

One day I will own this amazing piece of art.

These ceramic penguins were amazing.

Talking about my piece (I was so nervous!)

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